Graduate Exhibition Catalogue (2018)
I submitted the concept of ‘CATAPULT’ as the theme for the exhibition - a metaphor for graduating students launching out from their tertiary education and diving into their desired industries. This concept won the class vote from a shortlist of submissions.

It involved collating head shots, project photography, artist statements multiplied by 23 students (including myself); and organising the print job at Lindfield Print in time before the opening night. My efforts for juggling both the catalogue design and my major work were rewarded on the opening night as I received the 2018 NAVA Ignition Prize!
Major Project (2018)
We got to decide our briefs, and I chose to do branding for a hypothetical boutique high end cosmetic company that makes make up products which appreciate art history, and allow customers to turn themselves into a work of art.
The final submission included point of sale displays of 3x eyeshadow packages, 3x blush packages, 3x lipstick packages, 3x pricing posters, 3x wall posters, 3x teaser videos, a branded instagram page and SquareSpace website.
"Kinetic Typography"
After Effects Project (2017)
I chose to animate the song “Magic” by Pilot. It has a special nostalgic place in my heart as it was the first songs I learnt a Physie dance routine to when I was 7 years old. After hours of struggling with the beast that is AfterEffects, I completed the 30 second video. Despite the low mark I am very proud of it despite being just as intimidated by the program as when I started - I hope that one day I can revisit it without war flashbacks!
Lino Relief Print Project (2017)
I made lino prints with two colours out of various combinations of opaque inks. To achieve this I had to print one round of colour on multiple sheets and then go back to the lino again before another round of ink application. This added dimension to hair, face, hand and accessories featured in the portrait.
"Hidden Treasures of Sydney"
Documentary Project (2017)
My video pitch was to film a vlog style poetic documentary exploring the hidden treasures of Sydney to encourage people to get out of their bubble. I wanted it to have a spontaneous and abundant vibe by utilising hand held camera technique and fast cut editing. My group chose to film predominantly in Newtown.
My role in the project involved getting film location permissions, pre production storyboarding of a character exploring the suburb, art directing during filming, and starring as an actor. Andy managed to film all of the content and art directed a few scenes, and Anthony did a rad job of editing it all together. We were very stoked with a near full marks result.
"Art Deco Light Box"
Object Design Project (2017)
I made an apartment light sculpture inspired by Art Deco architecture, architectural infrastructure models, and the works of 3D sculptor and photographer Thomas Demand. As though the apartment is inhabited, light from flickering battery powered candles emits from windows at different mini mezzanine levels within the structure.
With a little logistical help from my engineer father, I cut each side out of upcycled foam core and wallpapered each of them. I coated the outside with ceramic stucco Liquitex mixed with white paint. Then used superglue and pins to stick the structure together.
"Donut Judge"
Packaging Project (2016)
Inspired by Krispy Kreme and Doughnut Time, I chose to design packaging for donuts. I wanted to encourage the customer to indulge and not feel guilty for buying a two pack of decadent donuts... and promptly eating both of them in one sitting. I had to submit a packaging template in 2D and 3D form with a logo design, barcode, product description, ingredients list and nutritional info table.
Exhibition Catalogue (2016)
A class visit to the 2016 Archibald Prize at the AGNSW influenced my decision to invent and curate a fictional exhibition of winners of the famous Australian portraiture prize called "ArchiBOLD". Many people, myself included, often question why particular portraits won over other seemingly more deserving paintings, so putting the winners in one place was my way of finding out what makes an Archibald Prize winner.
I chose thick type to display the year category and placed it on a vertical axis in my page composition to create interest in the blurbs that are often neglected in catalogues. My favourite part of the design was the cover page cut out showing part of the title page which was made up of cropped eyes from the paintings peering out at the viewer.
"Sydney Design Festival"
Postcard Project (2016)
I was instructed to design postcards using images and text to promote the Sydney Design Festival. I gathered free stock photography and sliced them up in various ways to focus on shape, colour and form rather than the actual focal point of each image. I also played with tension within the name of the festival to help convey the theme ‘Make or Break’. I was surprised with my high distinction for this project as the teacher said she never gives out high marks.
Panorama Drawing Project (2016)
My class went on an excursion to Rookwood Cemetery, and it gave everyone the heebie jeebies. I settled on a scene with a building as the focal point and drew a 270-360 degree line drawing using pencil and roller-ball pen. We had to use 6-8 pieces of paper and show depth and texture without using shading.
Upcycled Assemblage Project (2016)
I stuck cork onto styrofoam balls connected to each other with wire. Visually I intended them to act like bubbles fizzing in a glass and clinging together - much like how family and friends root for us through life as part of our support network.

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