❋ The Starter Package
This is for you if you're a small business finding your feet. You're not ready for all the bells and whistles, but definitely need a solid foundation from which to launch your brand. First impressions count, so with this package, you'll be able to step out on the right foot and get those positive customer perceptions!
- Creative Direction & Moodboard
- Logo Suite
- Colour Palette
- Type Pairing
- Basic Brand Guideline
*Prices start from $500 AUD. Includes 2x concepts, and 2x revision rounds. Files are provided once the invoice is paid in full.
❋ The signature package
This is for you if you want your brand to be dressed to impress. You may be looking to spruce up an existing suite or are unsure how to bring your brand to life. Success doesn't come to those who wait, so let me be the Paolo to your Princess of Genovia makeover, and I'll give you the core necessities to shine.
- Creative Direction & Moodboard
- Logo Suite
- Colour Palette
- Type Pairing
- up to 3x Social Canva Templates
- 1x Collateral Print
- Brand Vision (Values & Mission)
- Intermediate Brand Guideline
*Prices start from $750 AUD. Includes 2-3x concepts, and 3x revision rounds. Files are provided once the invoice is paid in full.
❋ the premium package
This is for you if you want to go the full hog and knock the socks off your audience. You may be starting from scratch or wanting a rebrand. If you're the meticulous type like me and want to dot the i's and cross the t's across multiple platforms, this is the package for you.
- Logo Suite
- Colour Palette

- Type Pairing

- Brand Pattern/Graphic
- up to 6x Social Canva Templates & Highlight Covers
- up to 3x Collateral Print
- Brand Vision (Values & Mission)
- Deluxe Brand Guideline
*Prices start from $1000 AUD. Includes 2-3x concepts, and 3x revision rounds. Files are provided once the invoice is paid in full.
❋ Weekender Intensive
​​​​​​​This is for you if you are under the pump, want to equip yourself with the basics and fast-track your brand to be ready for a soft launch in lightning speed. 
- 2x 6-8hr Days
- Strategy & Brand Vision Development Workshop
- Fast-Tracked Simple Brand Identity Pack
- Project Check-ins, Revisions & Collaboration Sessions
- Implementation Workshop
- Instant Files*
*Service cost is $900 AUD. Only on Saturdays and Sundays. A 1hr lunch break will be scheduled. Must book in advance. Files are provided once the invoice is paid in full.
❋ Energiser Workshop
​​​​​​​This is for you if you are not quite ready to invest in the full branding and deliverables of any main package offerings, but you want to gain some insight and get energised for starting your project or doing it yourself. Get a notebook, pen and your snack of choice at the ready, because you'll be getting your brain juices flowing!
- 2hr Consult Session
- Q&A
- What is a Brand?
- Competitor Comparison
- Brand Name Workshop
- Creative Direction &
Brand Vision Brainstorming
- Guidance (Can be on getting started, processes, channels, platforms, services, products, type pairing etc.)
*Service cost is $200 AUD. No designs or deliverables are included. Must book in advance.
❋ Add Ons
​​​​​​​This is for you if you want a stand-alone design or want to add some spice to your package. You're not locked into picking just one option either, you can curate a small collection or go crazy out the wazoo! If there's something you'd like made and it's not on the list below, shoot me a message!
- Merch Design
- No-Code Builder Website (5-page limit)
- Email Templates
- Email Signature
- Podcast/Album Cover Design
- Presentation Deck
- Content Creation
- E-books
- Print Collateral (this can include: Business Cards, Stickers, Labels, Postcards, Tissue Paper, Carry Bags, Boxes, Package Tape, Notepads, Planners, Menus, Gift Vouchers, Signage, Swing Tags, Keyrings, Invitations, Envelopes, RSVP cards, etc.)
*Investment quoted per project. Does not include third-party costs. You will need to factor into your timeline and book in advance any third-party lead times for making and shipping orders. Katherine Paterson Design is not liable for errors or late delivery by third parties.
Oh and by the way, I'm partnered with NoIssue as a creative! So as part of my services to you, I can factor in providing you with a range of tissue paper, food-safe paper, tape, stickers, stamps, mailers, cards and totes.
❋ Aftercare
​​​​​​​All packages and services receive complimentary handover lessons, Q&As, and help to set you up to be as self-sufficient as you need.
*Expires 1x month after project completion. Any further aid will be charged at an hourly rate.
❋ FAQs
Do you design standalone logos?
I do, but this service will only last until December 2023. I do prefer to take a holistic approach to brand identity which is why I offer branding packages.
Do you offer custom packages?
Of course! I understand that not every project is one-size-fits-all. Get in touch with key details and we can hop in a meeting to discuss everything. Afterwards, I will put together a custom package to suit your budget and needs.
Do I need to do anything, or can you just call me when it's done?
Brand identity design involves processes that are as comprehensive as they are collaborative. It's imperative that the final brand acts as an extension of yourself, otherwise, you and your target audience won't be able to connect to it. So the more forth-giving and enthusiastic you are when it comes to onboarding, brainstorming and revision communications, the closer the match I'll be able to deliver for you. 
What's the cost?
Every project is unique, so project cost is estimated based on your brand's specific goals and requirements. Packages start from $500 AUD, however, I do offer consults at $200 a session.
Do you offer payment plans?
In my contract, a 50% deposit must be paid before the project commences. The other 50% must be paid toward the end or after the project is completed.
If this isn't a feasible option for you, we must have in writing an agreement of four 25% invoices. The deposit is due upon signature of the contract and the remaining payments due every four weeks thereafter. You are also more than welcome to pay in full upfront. 

Invoices must be paid in full before you receive files. For transfers, you must reference the invoice number and which of the 2 or 4 payments you're transferring.
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